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Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Subject:Beta needed for two fics (Black Sails and MCU)
Posted by:manuushuu.
Time:5:15 pm.
Hello, I have two fics I need to beta (for the Trope Bingo). One is already published, and I've almost finished to write the second.

1. Pen Name: manuushuu (Shuufleur on AO3)

First fanfic:
2. Fandom: Black Sails (published on AO3)
3. Rating: PG-13 for a little violence
4. Spoilers/Time Line: post season 1, spoilers about Billy (sort of), otherwise nothing important.
5. Pairing: only unrequited Billy/Flint
6. Beta Type: I'm mostly looking for a grammar beta. English isn't my native language so there are a lot of mistakes even though I read and reread it like a thousand times. However, if you tell my content is awful or incoherent or the character OOC, I'll take it too but that's not compulsory. The fanfic is 3k words.
7. Harshness: My English is certainly not on point so tell me what you need to. I'd appreciate it if I can see my mistakes and the correction so that I try not to make that mistake ever again.

Second fanfic:
2. Fandom: Avengers (MCU)
3. Rating: G
4. Spoilers/Time Line: No spoilers, it's a no superpowers AU.
5. Pairing: pre-slash Stony
6. Beta Type: I haven't finished writing this fanfic but it'll be around 2-3k words I'm guessing. Still looking for a grammar beta as English isn't my native language.
7. Harshness: Same comment as previously: My English is certainly not on point so tell me what you need to. I'd appreciate it if I can see my mistakes and the correction so that I try not to make that mistake ever again.

Thank you!
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Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Subject:Request: People interested in due South that can beta
Posted by:squidgiepdx.
Time:6:01 pm.
This is a little more general of a request, so mods, please delete/inform if this is not allowed.

I'm part of the due South Seekrit Santa, and we were looking to see if anyone would be of interest in being a beta/matched with a reader in need.  We would like to see if we could get between two and four betas lined up, just in case we need some assistance.  It would be in the due South fandom, slash/gen/het, various genres.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Filling out the form as best I can:

1. Pen Name: SquidgiePDX - penname of person needing beta will be someone else
2. Fandom: due South
3. Rating of the story: G to NC17 are our guidelines, with warnings.
4. Spoilers/Time Line: None
6. Beta Type: Mostly grammar/spelling, with some characterization and other things thrown in possibly.
7. Harshness: Varies, but constructive criticism works best
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Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Subject:Beta needed for NCIS/Criminal Minds (and NCIS:NO) crossover
Posted by:jacie3.
Time:6:16 pm.
1. Pen Name: jacie3, also Jacie on AO3 (http://archiveofourown.org/users/Jacie)
2. Fandom: NCIS crossover with Criminal Minds and NCIS:NO
3. Rating of the story: NC-17 (Some m/m graphic sexual situations and D/s in the first chapter, also violence, non-con, includes kidnapping where victim is beaten and raped.)
4. Spoilers/Time Line: Set mostly around Mardi Gras 2016 - mentions of past abuse for Derek Morgan, and that he is married, expecting his first child and is planning to leave the BAU. The series timeline may be slightly altered to fit into the story line.
5. Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
6. Beta Type: My regular beta is going over the story, however, she knows nothing about Criminal Minds. I'm fairly confident about my characterizations, but since this is my first time writing characters from Criminal Minds, I'd love to have someone who is familiar with Criminal Minds take a look at this. It is around 30K and written for the NCIS Big Bang Challenge at ncis_bang. Completed story is due 30 Sept.
7. Harshness: Constructive criticism is welcome. I'm not terribly sensitive, and I do want to improve the story and my writing skills.
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Saturday, August 27th, 2016

Subject:Beta needed to help with Sherlock TV fic
Posted by:el_wing.
Time:9:43 pm.
1. Pen Name elwinglyre on AO3 and el_wing on lj with elwings_things where old fics are housed
2. Fandom Sherlock
3. Rating of the story NC-17
4. Spoilers/Time Line No spoilers. Modern AU
5. Pairing John/Sherlock John/Mary
6. Beta Type Need someone to proof grammar and to Brit check my oh, so American writing.
7. Harshness Don't mind constructive criticism. I don't need help with plot etc. Just clean up any typos and simple grammar problems and point out cultural errors. I write pretty well since I'm an AP English teacher. I've posted the first chapter here that's unbeta'd HERE for interested people to look over.
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Friday, August 26th, 2016

Subject:Quick Beta Help Needed
Posted by:geekslave.
Time:10:45 am.
1. Pen Name geekslave
2. Fandom Merlin
3. Rating of the story NC-17
4. Spoilers/Time Line No spoilers. Modern AU
5. Pairing Merlin/Arthur
6. Beta Type Need mostly SPAG. If you could help with any continuity issues that would be a plus.
7. Harshness Don't mind constructive criticism as long as you're not nasty about it.

Doing this for merlinolympics and would need it done by Aug. 30. So if you could help as fast as possible it would be really appreciated.
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Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Subject:Beta needed for a Harry Potter/Pansy Parkinson fic
Posted by:mere_whispers.
Time:7:05 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
FOUND. 1. Pen Name: mere-whispers
2. Fandom: Harry Potter
3. Rating: PG-13
4. Timeline: Post Deathly Hallows, War AU
5. Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson
6. Beta Type: I basically need someone to perform a really quick SPaG over the nearly-7K words that make this one shot up. I don't want any brushing up - neither with the plot, nor with my portrayal. I just need someone to spend not more than five minutes on my piece, because the rules of the fest - that it is meant for - say so.
7. Harshness: As stated earlier, not much focus is required. Lesser the harshness, better would it suit me.

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Subject:Beta gesucht!
Posted by:freaky_nea.
Time:3:24 pm.
1. Pen Name: freaky_nea
2. Fandom: The OC
3. Rating of the story: G
4. Spoilers/Time Line future fic, no spoilers
5. Pairing: Seth/Ryan
6. Beta Type: The fic is in German, so I need a German native speaker as a beta who is great at grammar and punctuation
7. Harshness: Tell me what you think but be polite/kind
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Monday, July 18th, 2016

Subject:NCIS beta reader needed PLEASE!
Posted by:honor_reid.
Time:9:10 pm.
1. Pen Name: honor_reid
2. Fandom: NCIS
3. Rating of the story: R. (Warning for a scene of physcial violence against a child, mentions of prositution and drug use)
4. Spoilers/Time Line: AU Before season 10
5. Pairing: GEN.
6. Beta Type: I need help with grammer for sure.  Plus help with awkward sentences. Also since it my longest story yet I want to make sure from start to finish the story is coherent and well thought out.  My story is finished and sits at 28k.  It is for ncis_bang and the final story is due on Sept 30 so I would need it done before then.
7. Harshness: As long as the criticism is constructive I am all for it. I want to get better.

Drop me a line if you have any questions or are interested in helping me out.  Thank you!
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Subject:Beta Request: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark/Bruce Banner
Posted by:used_songs.
Time:9:38 pm.
1. Pen Name: used_songs on LJ and on AO3 (http://archiveofourown.org/users/used_songs/works)
2. Fandom: MCU (with some overlap from comics)
3. Rating of the story: NC-17 - There is one scene that is non-con (happens in the past, is partially viewed by characters, and is referenced later).
4. Spoilers/Time Line: Set post Captain America: Civil War
5. Pairing: Tony Stark/Bruce Banner, past Tony Stark/Pepper Potts
6. Beta Type: I'm looking for someone to ruthlessly go through this 40,000 word fic, with special attention paid to characterization and my timeline. I have never written a fic with this many characters, so I want to make sure that I've done a good job with all of them. The grammar and mechanics should be fine, but you will have my gratitude if you catch me in an error.
7. Harshness: I'm not sensitive. I want it to be good.

If you're able to help me, please message me and I'll send you my email and/or share the draft with you on google drive. Thanks for considering this task! I know it's long.
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Saturday, June 18th, 2016

Posted by:deviledneville.
Time:7:30 pm.
1. Pen Name: Queensusan on AO3 (http://archiveofourown.org/users/queensusan/works)
2. Fandom: Sherlock
3. Rating of the story: NC-17, eventually
4. Spoilers/Time Line: My AU story is set after season 3 but before the bizzare Christmas special. I like to pretend that that hour of my life never happened. It presumes that Moriarty does not come back, Sherlock has to leave the country and Mary dies during childbirth. With no backup, Myroft arrives to help John adjust to single parenthood
5. Pairing: Myroft/John
6. Beta Type: I know my grammar is not perfect, but it's good enough, so I don't expect you to do more than help me look out for anything particularly egregious that I missed. Mainly I need assistance in brainstorming plots ideas and specifically someone with experience with babies. As the plot is centered around John and Myroft taking care of a newborn baby I need someone to read over what I've written and let me know if I'm anywhere close to accurately writing about raising a newborn, as I've got little personal experience in that area.
7. Harshness: The more time I have to worry about perfection the less fun writing fanfiction is, so I'm not expecting my writing to get scoured. Let me know about anything that jumps out at you, but otherwise I'm casual. I really want someone to chat about my story with as much as anything. So if you're the sort of beta who enjoys discussing plot and bouncing ideas off each other, you're the beta for me.

I have about 4000 words written in a story that will probably be less than 20,000 words. The story is still in its infancy because I've hit a bit of a road block with... you know, what you actually do with a newborn when you bring it home, ha ha.

Message my lj account, please, and I'll send you my e-mail from there.
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Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Subject:Beta request: Stargate Atlantis - PG-13 - John/Elizabeth & Kate/Teyla
Posted by:falcon_horus.
Time:12:05 am.
1. Pen Name: Falcon Horus
2. Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
3. Rating of the story: PG-13
4. Spoilers/Time Line: pre-season 4 | no spoilers
5. Characters: Kate Heightmeyer, Laura Cadman, Teyla Emmagan, Rodney McKay, Elizabeth Weir & John Sheppard
6. Pairing: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir & Teyla Emmagan/Kate Heighmeyer
7. Wordcount: 395
8. Beta Type: I am not a native speaker, and thus require both grammar and spelling (and without a doubt I managed to translate something a little too literal from my native language Dutch).
9. Harshness: No need to go soft on me - otherwise I wouldn't ask for a beta.
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Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Subject:Looking for a beta for a Severus/Sirius fic
Posted by:monkiainen.
Time:8:17 pm.
1. Pen Name: monkiainen
2. Fandom: Harry Potter
3. Rating of the story: NC-17
4. Spoilers/Time: Set after the Second Wizarding War, AU in the sense that both Severus and Sirius are alive
5. Pairing: Severus/Sirius
6. Beta Type: Grammar, britpicking (English is not my native language), general flow of things
7. Harshness: Constructive criticism is welcome

Warnings/Contains: Biting, bloodplay
Deadlines?: The deadline isn't until August, but I would like get this all tidied up as soon as possible.
Other Info: This is for an anonymous fest, and it's complete (~ 1800 words).
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Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Subject:J2 RPF AU - On going story
Posted by:alexandernight.
Time:10:58 pm.
1. Pen Name: Alexander Night
2. Fandom: Supernatural RPF
3. Rating of the story: NC-17
4. Spoilers/Time: Line RPS AU , No Spoiler of any shows then :)
5. Pairing: Jensen/Jared, Chris/Chad
6. Beta Type: English is not my first language so Grammar and Phrasing, and of course any intake on the story itself :)
7. Harshness: Be as harsh as you need to be ;)

Short Summary:
Jared is an amazing musician, viola player in an orchestra, but he is also the step son of Mark Sheppard, owner of Sheppard Inc. the richest real state developer in the country. Jared has his life mapped out for him: school, college, MBA. He always knew his stepfather plans for him intended a corporate life in the company, he just didn't expected it to come so soon. He now has to decide between breaking out of his shell of shyness and finally confront Mark, taking charge of his own life, or once again following the road chosen for him. Despite his past that decision will be affected by Jensen, a guitar player, with lots of confidence and swing. After meeting, the two man realize they share a great passion for music, life and each other. Jensen might be just the kind of person Jared needed to turn his life and his sense of worth around. Unfortunately, Mark is not the kind of guy willing to lose an investment that easily. The pair will count on the help of dear friends Chris and Chad, also musicians, and Alonna, a fierce journalist.

There will be plenty sex scenes (consensual) and minor violence down the road

Turnaround Time:
Will be writing for quite a some time.

It's been a long time away from LJ ans fics, hopefully I'll meet good friends here :)

Thanks guys. :D
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Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

Subject:Looking for a beta for a Steve/Bucky a/b/o au
Posted by:rainbow_marbles.
Time:5:16 pm.
1. Pen Name: rainbow_marbles and portraitofemmy
2. Fandom: MCU, Captain America
3. Rating of the story: NC-17/E
4. Spoilers/Time Line: It's AU, so no spoilers for any of the movies really.
5. Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
6. Beta Type: We're mostly looking for a grammar beta, as that is not our strongest suit, but if you're a fan of the pairing/storyline, we welcome feedback on the content too :).
7. Harshness: Do tell us if something is horribly wrong, but please, be gentle about it :).
8. More info: The story is a modern alpha/beta/omega AU, so do make sure you're comfortable with that sort of thing. It's currently 48.000 words long and almost done. There's no set posting date, so there's no rush, but we would like to begin posting soon. We plan on breaking the story off and posting it in chapters, so you won't need to do a big chunk of it in one go.
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Friday, May 20th, 2016

Subject:shadowhunters beta wanted
Posted by:pineapplebooks.
Time:10:11 pm.
Pen Name: pineapplebooks
2. Fandom: Shadowhunters
3. Rating of the story: G or T, not sure yet
4. Spoilers/Time Line: none; it's an au
5. Pairing: Clary/Isabelle
6. Beta Type: Characterization, mostly
7. Harshness: brutal honesty would be good
8. Note: The fic isn't done yet, but it's probably going to end up in the realm of 1500-2000 words. A one-time beta would be great, but I'd really love to find someone I can contact whenever I need a shadowhunters beta. Also, this isn't for a fest or anything, so there's no deadline.
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Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Subject:Beta for Sailor Moon fic (G, 1093 words)
Posted by:inkpaws.
Time:11:53 am.
Mood: tired.
1. Pen Name: inkpaws
2. Fandom: Sailor Moon
3. Rating of the story: G
4. Spoilers/Time Line: N/A
5. Pairing: Usagi/Mamoru
6. Beta Type: Grammar, flow and Content.
7. Harshness: Criticism is welcome, though I'd appreciate someone who is honest and not rude.
8. Note: This fic is written for the Usagi/Mamoru 100, there's no deadline but I would like it back in a timely manner. Thank-you :)
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Monday, May 16th, 2016

Subject:5,000 words of CHICAGO MED Slash
Posted by:bm_shipper.
Time:5:25 pm.
1. Pen Name: bm_shipper
2. Fandom: Chicago Med
3. Rating of the story: NC-17, it's basically Smut!
4. Spoilers/Time Line: It plays right after episode 1x14 of the show, so a couple of weeks ago!
5. Pairing: Will/Connor
6. Beta Type: Grammar and Spelling Errors mostly, but if you are familiar with the show, it would also help me to tell me if I'm OOC or the likes!
7. Harshness: Critism is okay, as long as it's constructive. 'Your story sucks' won't really help me in the long run, but if you tell me what I have to work on and everything I can usually live with it.
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Friday, May 13th, 2016

Subject:looking for a beta for star wars, rey-centric fic
Posted by:celeste9.
Time:2:54 pm.
1. Pen Name: celeste9
2. Fandom: Star Wars
3. Rating of the story: PG-ish (there are references to drinking and sexual attraction but nothing that actually occurs in the fic)
4. Spoilers/Time Line: set post The Force Awakens, so there are spoilers for that
5. Pairing: it's gen, though there are vague allusions to the possibility of future Finn/Rey, and Poe maybe just has a crush on everyone *g*
6. Beta Type: I'm mostly looking for someone to tell me if the fic works, if the set-up is awkward, if the characters seem IC. I'm not too concerned with grammar (though of course if anything seems off do point it out), I'm more worried about the content.
7. Harshness: I want to improve the fic so please point out anything you don't like or that bothers you, just don't be rude about it. :) Comments on things you do like are greatly appreciated but absolutely not necessary.
8. Extra info: The fic is ~5700 words and was written for the heroine big bang challenge, which or may or may not actually be happening. At the moment I don't have a current deadline but if someone could look at it within the next couple of weeks that would be ideal. Basically the fic is Rey-centric gen and is about her finding her place within the Resistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Subject:Anyone interested in betaing a Leverage fic?
Posted by:tanyareed.
Time:6:15 pm.
1. Pen Name: tanyareed
2. Fandom: Leverage
3. Rating of the story: I'm not sure. Somewhere between PG-13 and R. (I usually just say teen.)
4. Spoilers/Time Line: It's an AU for before the series starts. There may be spoilers from background we learn throughout the series, though.
6. Beta Type: Mostly overall reader and checker of making sense and continuity. I'm not looking for someone who's great at grammar or who's super nitpicky. I do the grammar checking myself (grammar's my thing :) ). So, yeah, flow and continuity are my big concerns with bigger pieces.
7. Harshness: Somewhere in the middle. I can take constructive criticism as long as you tell me what you like as well as what you don't like.
8. More info: This is a story for a big bang challenge. The story is due at the end of August, and it is supposed to be at least 25 000 words long. I expect to be finished the actual writing part at the end of July to allow for typing up and editing. The pairing I'm using is Sophie/Eliot.

Any takers?
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Subject:Multi-Fandom, Long-Term, All Around Beta WANTED
Posted by:momotastic.
Time:8:46 pm.
Pen Name momotastic
Fandom (show/book/etc. the story is based in) At the moment: Merlin. Other fandoms I write include Harry Potter and Cabin Pressure. There might be others in the future.
Rating of the story anything from G to NC-17
Spoilers/Time Line Pretty much everything I write for is done airing/publishing, so you shouldn't be surprised by any spoilers if you're in the fandom and caught up on canon.
Pairing I pretty much exclusively write slash (big surprise). Merthur, Drarry, Marlas are the pairings to expect from the three fandoms I listed.
Beta Type I want it all, to be honest. I need SPaG because I'm not a native speaker and I tend to switch tenses mid-sentence, or use too many commas. I also want someone who can help with plot/continuity and characterisation. I would love you forever if you can offer critique on writing style as I always look to immprove my writing. I'll also want to bounce ideas off of you to help me get started/keep going, so a bit of cheerleading and soundboarding would be required too. If you can Brit-pick it would be the cherry on top.
Harshness As long as you don't insult me, word your comments and suggestions respectfully or playfully, we should be good. If we get to know each other I'm sure we'll figure out how to talk to each other.

Just to clarify: I'm looking for someone who'd be interested in being my beta for multiple stories in multiple fandoms over a longer period of time. My old beta doesn't have the time anymore, nor does she dabble in the same fandoms as me anymore. I know I'm asking for a lot. I've recently discovered that this type of Beta is actually called Alpha, so, if that means anything to you ... that's what I'm looking for.

If you want to take a look at what I've written so far, here's my AO3.
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