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NCIS beta reader needed PLEASE!

1. Pen Name: honor_reid
2. Fandom: NCIS
3. Rating of the story: R. (Warning for a scene of physcial violence against a child, mentions of prositution and drug use)
4. Spoilers/Time Line: AU Before season 10
5. Pairing: GEN.
6. Beta Type: I need help with grammer for sure.  Plus help with awkward sentences. Also since it my longest story yet I want to make sure from start to finish the story is coherent and well thought out.  My story is finished and sits at 28k.  It is for ncis_bang and the final story is due on Sept 30 so I would need it done before then.
7. Harshness: As long as the criticism is constructive I am all for it. I want to get better.

Drop me a line if you have any questions or are interested in helping me out.  Thank you!
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