Maeve of Winter (whimsicalnixie) wrote in beta_search,
Maeve of Winter

Beta Search for Trixie Belden Fandom

This might be unsual, but I'm looking for a recurring beta for the Trixie Belden fandom. I have several stories of various types and ratings in need of editing.

Filling out the form as it applies:

1. Pen Name: Maeve_of_Winter
2. Fandom: Trixie Belden
3. Time Line: Set in canon time, with many, but not all, being canon-divergent.
4. Beta Type: SPAG, continuity, and general thoughts on story/dialogue.
5. Harshness: I don't need anyone to hold my hand, but I do prefer civility/constructive critique.
6. Other Notes: If you have questions or are interested, please PM me or comment here.
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