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Need a beta for Girl Meets World fanfics

Pen Name: cassie_faith on FFN and Ms_Faith on AO3

How long have you been writing?: 9 years

Fandom: My current inspiration is for Girl Meets World

Rating of the story: Overall, PG-13. However, I’d say there are/were a few Mature or R-rated moments.

Spoilers/Timeline: Not really. Anything I write is typically Future Fic, Parallel/Alternate Universe, or Post Canon. I write for a non-canon couple, so really no spoilers.*

Pairing: Rilaya (Riley/Maya)

Beta Type: Spelling, grammar, and continuity (based on what I’ve established). General input on story, dialogue, and content. Also someone to bounce ideas off of would be awesome!   

Harshness: This is something I do for pleasure, so I need someone who recognizes that. I certainly don’t need coddled, but I do need someone who respects me and my writing style when critiquing.**

Other Notes: I write femslash that has occasional sexual content. I do my writing in Google Docs, so that makes revisions easy.

*Additionally, I don’t need someone in the fandom or even with knowledge of the show. Anything canon mentioned can be Googled or I’ll explain it if asked. However, past canon things don’t come up often in my writing.

**The fic I currently need help with is already in progress (11 chapters so far, in last leg of story, 13,082 words posted). I had two friends helping me beta and things weren't working out. The one is in school, so I let her go so she could focus on her studies. The other I clash with and it was beginning to affect my ability to write. I’m planning to write another Rilaya story once my current one is finished, so I need someone to stick with me!

If you’re interested, please let me know!

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