twistofapen (twistofapen) wrote in beta_search,

Looking for a beta

FOUND. Though I'm on the lookout for a beta who knows Suits canon, so if that's you and you're interested, please drop me a PM. :)

Pen Name: twistofapen

Fandom: Suits
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Timeline: Season 5, specifically 5x11
Pairing: Harvey/Mike
Beta Type: SpaG, pacing, other technical issues
Harshness: As harsh as you want

I’m looking for a beta for a 3k Suits slash fic. It’s a relatively small fandom now, especially on LJ, and my fic is short, so no knowledge of the show needed. I’m just looking for someone to look for technical issues, particularly SpaG and pacing problems. If you are a Suits fan, awesome!

I haven't written fic in years, so I'm probably rusty and would appreciate a harsh beta. I'm not easily offended, and would be grateful for the critique. Comment or PM if interested, and thank you in advance!

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