Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Slash fic beta(s) needed

1. Pen Name: ms_nawilla
2. Fandom: Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
3. Rating of the story: explicit, though this is a small percentage of the overall fic
4. Spoilers/Time Line: AU, Qui-Gon lives, Rarepair
5. Pairing: one-sided Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan Kenobi, developing Obi-Wan Kenobi/Quinlan Vos, OC/OC, Rarepair that would be a spoiler (will disclose if there is an interested beta).
6. Beta Type: looking for basic grammar/punctuation/readability check. Would appreciate pointing out anything that reads oddly. Not looking to revise, just working on getting fic out at this point.
7. Harshness: I'm sure some of it is crap and could be chopped. It is suffering Original Character Takeover. I'm not looking to change the story significantly, just going for readability so it doesn't have obvious typos/errors.

The story is exceptionally long and I'm hoping to be finished with it and to start posting it in January 2020. (I tend to have time off over the holidays and am trying to line up someone to work with ahead of time. I do not expect to be done in a week, just that I have more time to work with then). I am willing to work with multiple betas due to the length and that I'm not looking for anyone to check continuity or nitpick details. I have been working on this for a year to cultivate my writing skills in general, and would like to post it and move on. I accept it's flaws cheerfully, I just don't want to post anything with irritating errors or sloppy mistakes I missed because I've seen the text so many times. Basic familiarity with Star Wars Prequel Trilogy would probably help, but deep knowledge is not required. I play loosely with canon.

Seeking beta for an NCT/Kpop fanfic

Please Don't blow smoke up my ass, be harsh you need to be.

Fandom: Kpop, NCT(Band, boy group)

Platform: AO3 and Asianfanfics Ms_Gardenia on both platforms

Rating: G, for now, could progress to M

Pairing: Mark Lee/Johnny Suh

Need Help With: Grammar, sentence structure, word choice and continuity

Deadlines: None, though I will check in if you go a week without any response

Warnings/Contains:  RealPpersonFiction, ABO, Mpreg, Pregnancy, Traumatic birth somewhere around chapter 14 of the Third child. Possible large time skips

Word count: Aiming for three-thousand-words per chapter and twenty-five chapters

Contact: Goldenkeymaiden@gmail.com (if you prefer to Email feedback back and forth)


Beta for Fest Fic, HP Fandom

I’m looking for a beta for Sirius Black Fest

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: PG-13 or R

Pairing: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin

Need Help With: Beta required by the fest rules. Catching typos and such. Grateful for any suggestions.

Deadlines: The fest deadline is 20th October, but I’ll probably need to ask for an extension. (I found the fest late and started the fic only a week ago, and it’s not quite completed yet.)

Warnings/Contains: sex (consensual, and not very explicit)

Word count: now around 1700, perhaps up to around 3000

Beta required

1. Pen Name: MarshmallowMcGonagall on AO3 and Tumblr
2. Fandom: Harry Potter
3. Rating of the story: explicit
4. Spoilers/Time Line: AU, prompt from a Sirius Black fic fest
5. Pairing: Sirius Black/Narcissa Malfoy
6. Beta Type: beta is required by the fest, I'm looking for someone to give the piece a once over
7. Harshness: I haven't used a beta before, so I'd appreciate someone being relatively gentle

Fic needs to be submitted by 20th of October. It's a little over 6000 words and is a flirty and fun one shot. Will share through Google Docs, please message or drop an ask over on Tumblr @marshmallowmcgonagall

Beta-Request: A 'Wishful Thinking' Stranger Things Re-Write

1. Pen Name: Nekromanteia
2. Fandom: Stranger Things
3. Rating: R/NC-17
4. Spoilers/Time Line: Spoilers through S3, canon-divergent timeline
5. Pairing: Hopper/Joyce, Nancy/Steve, Nancy/Jonathan/Steve, Nancy/Jonathan, Billy/Steve, Kali/Robin, El/Mike, Lucas/Max, Mike/Will, El/Max
6. Beta Type: Content/consistency/character
7. Harshness: Don't hold back!
8. Contact: divinerofthedead@gmail.com

Notes: I've planned out a lengthy fic and I'm looking for someone to keep it/me in check as I go! It is, essentially, a 'wishful thinking' re-write after the show (set mainly post-S1, as the first season was pretty much perfect). I'm aiming to update every two weeks or so, definitely no big rush, it's more important that anyone interested understand that I really do mean long-term as I plan to follow the series through until the show ends. 

As far as beta-skills go, I'm not too worried about spelling/grammar, I tend to catch most of those mistakes during my own edits. What I'm looking for is mainly someone to bounce ideas off of as I go and give me a second opinion on character and plot believability when it comes to the changes I'm making. Obviously, though, if you spot something that's misspelt or doesn't flow well, you're free to point it out. 

A few things worth noting: 

  • NC17 only pertains to the older teens and adults
  • while many pairings will feature prominently, at some point, only Hopper/Joyce and Billy/Steve are definitively endgame

Any help is appreciated 💜

Beta needed for time travel Superbat fic!

Pen Name: Resacon1990 (or SassyResacon1990 on tumblr)
Fandom: DC MovieVerse
Rating of the story: PG-13, most extreme this fic gets is a couple of swear words!
Spoilers/Time Line: No spoilers, set post live-action Justice League movie
Pairing: Superbat, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent
Beta Type: Hopefully someone to look at reading ease, grammar, spelling! Maybe even to have a look and see if the characters are OOC or anything?
Harshness: I'm good with constructive criticism!

Thank you!


Beta Needed for Sahara Fic (Found:)

1. Pen Name: under_the_silk_tree
2. Fandom: Sahara (movie)
3. Rating of the story: R, There is sex but nothing too explicit
4. Spoilers/Time Line: None
5. Pairing: Dirk Pitt/Al Giordino
6. Beta Type: Mostly grammar, awkward phrasing
7. Harshness: I am open to constructive criticism.  It is a h/c one-shot around 2,100 words.  I would need it by the end of July.

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you!!
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Tim McGee

NCIS: New Orleans beta needed (Found:)

Pen Name: honor_read
Fandom: NCIS: New Orleans
Rating of the story: PG-13, due to car crash and fade to black sexy times.
Spoilers/Time Line: No spoilers
Pairing: Dwayne Pride x Loretta Wade
Beta Type: I mostly need grammer help so you wouldn't necessarily need to be up to date on the show. It is around 6,200 words and I would need it by the end of July.
Harshness: I don't mind criticism as along as it is constructive.

Thank you!!
SM Head and Moon

BBC Merlin slash fic needs beta

Pen name: momotastic
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Rating of the story: So far it's PG but I intend to add an epilogue to ramp it up to Mature or Explicit.
Spoilers/Time Line: It's a modern AU, you don't necessarily need to know anything about the show tbh
Pairing: Merlin/Gwaine endgame
Wordcount: Currently at ~28k, estimated to be somewhere between 35 and 40 when I'm done. The first part is written and comes in at 23.5k. I just started the 2nd one and hope to be done by the middle of the week.
Beta Type: SPaG, especially to check my tenses, Brit-pick (not super urgent but would be nice), flow and style as well as continuits and general "does this make sense?" betaing. I like betas who have some experience with betaing and who are willing to tell me when something needs more detail or more explanation but who won't be rude about it. Also: I'm coming at you with this request on short notice, so it'd be A+++ if you can work fast.
Harshness: As long as you're not rude, you can/should be strict.

Marvel Big Bang - The Windy Journey

Pen Name: cassandrasfisher (AO3)
Fandom: Captain America, The Avengers
Warning: Rape/Non-Con
Tags: Brock Rumlow is a good guy, anal fisting, Alexander Pierce is a bad guy, hot tub sex, chemical drugs, male pregnancy, rough sex, non-consensual body modification, torture
Rating of the story: Explicit
Spoilers/Time Line: N/A
Pairing: James "Buchanan" Barnes/Clint Barton
Beta Type: SPaG, story flow, let me know if something is missing in the story.
Harshness: Firm but strict.
Contact details: cassandrasfisher2525@gmail.com

NOTES: I need the story beta read by November 12th.