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LiveJournal for Beta Readers.

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Friday, August 17th, 2018

Subject:Beta for Travelers fic?
Posted by:twistofapen.
Time:1:15 am.
Hi y'all,

I'm looking for someone to beta a Travelers fic - no knowledge of fandom required, as I know we're not a very large bunch. (Though if you do know the show, awesome!) I'm mostly looking for someone to run a SpaG check and look through other technical aspects like flow and incomprehensibility. The fic's about 2k and falls firmly in the h/c genre.


Username: twistofapen
Fandom: Travelers (TV) - set mid to late Season 2.
Rating of the story: PG
Pairing: gen.
Beta Type: Grammar and Flow.
Harshness: As long as it's constructive criticism, I'd appreciate straightforward honesty.

Comment or send me a PM if interested or if you've got questions. Thanks in advance!
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Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Subject:Beta Need for Original FFFC Big Bang Challenge
Posted by:hunter_king_91.
Time:12:27 am.
1. Pen Name: Hunter King
2. Fandom: Original
3. Rating of the story: R
4. Spoilers/Time Line: None
5. Pairing: None. It's a Gen fic
6. Beta Type: I'm usually pretty good with most things, but sometimes my grammar is off. I'd suggest just being on the lookout for that
7. Harshness: I mean, I'm pretty open. As long as you're not SUPER mean, and basically telling me to change my entire story because you think it sucks, I think we'll be okay.
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Friday, July 6th, 2018

Subject:Looking for a beta for Downton Abbey
Posted by:sylvaniae.
Time:2:36 pm.

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I am looking for a beta for a Mary/Matthew Crawley fanfic. I'm not quite sure where I want to go yet for my story, so I'd really like a sounding board. I also would like someone who is able to spot plot holes and other problematic issues in the fanfic because I'm good with grammar. If I write something that sounds completely stupid, please tell me. But mainly, I'm looking for some good ideas. Let me know if you can beta this story :)

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Subject:Looking for a Beta - Musketeers (2014)
Posted by:dont_hate_me01.
Time:8:40 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
1. Pen Name: dont_hate_me01
2. Fandom: The Musketeers (2014)
3. Rating of the story: NC-17 (BDSM story, contains explicit rape and torture scenes. Character death.)
4. Spoilers/Time Line: AU (This story is complete and about 53 000 words)
5. Pairing: OC/d’Artagnan; Aramis/d’Artagnan/Athos/Porthos; Aramis/Athos/Porthos
6. Beta Type: Looking for a beta who’d be able to help with grammar, more specifically tenses and possible spelling errors.
7. Harshness: I want someone who is willing to point out my mistakes, while being gentle at the same time. :-)
8. Contact details: Feel free to email me at – els.leonie5@gmail.com

Thanking you in advance!
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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Subject:Harry Potter Fandom - Fanfiction. Neville/Charlie.
Posted by:digthewriter.
Time:12:26 am.

I am looking for a basic SPAG beta for a neville/charlie fic. It's NC-17 though not very explicit. About 3800 words. Due asap.

Let me know if you can help.

My email is: digthewriter @ gmail. com -> I work w/ google docs only.


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Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Subject:The Expendables
Posted by:thedamnraven.
Time:9:41 am.

1. Pen Name: thedamnraven
2. Fandom: the expendables
3. Rating of the story: R
4. Spoilers/Time Line: no spoilers
5. Pairing (If there is one): Barney/Lee
6. Beta Type: English is not my first language. Spelling, construction, criticism.
7. Harshness: if it needs saying, please say it:)

Writing for Slashorific fest 2018, beta is most welcome. 

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Friday, January 12th, 2018

Subject:Doctor Who, Clara/Twelve
Posted by:chamilet.
Time:4:06 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
1. Pen Name: chamilet
2. Fandom (show/book/etc. the story is based in): Doctor Who
3. Rating of the story (G, PG, Pg-13, R, NC-17): NC-17, basically it's a PWP
4. Spoilers/Time Line (For example: when is the story set in the show? Are there any spoilers for future episodes or recent ones?): spoilers up to and including Flatline
5. Pairing (If there is one): Twelve/Clara
6. Beta Type: might need a bit of Britpicking, plus SPaG and "story" flow
7. Harshness: if it needs saying, please say it:)
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Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Subject:Looking for an NCIS:LA beta reader
Posted by:admiralandrea.
Time:7:11 pm.
1. Pen Name admiralandrea
2. Fandom NCIS:LA
3. Rating of the story Teen and up
4. Spoilers/Time Line Season 4 onwards
5. Pairing mentions canon pairings - Sam/Michelle and G/Joelle
6. Beta Type mainly spelling and grammar
7. Harshness I prefer someone who isn't too harsh

I am looking for an ongoing beta reader in the fandom, who is open to slash pairings as well, particularly Sam/Callen and can also handle kink. I'm signed up to a couple of challenges, so will be hoping to write and complete/post fic in the fandom throughout the year.
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Monday, January 8th, 2018

Subject:Beta needed for a New Generation story
Posted by:shiorita.
Time:4:49 pm.
Pen Name: ScarletNox (FF.net), Shiorita (LJ, AO3)
2. Fandom Harry Potter (book, Pottermore)
3. Rating of the story (PG)
4. Spoilers/Time Line: New Generations. The three main original characters are Moira and Matilda Dursleys and Druella Malfoy.
5. Pairing I play with all the possibilities but most of the couples are canon.
6. Beta Type Grammar and Fluency Beta
7. Harshness I like to point out what I could do better, not what I've done wrong. Unless someone can explain me why is wrong.
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Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

Subject:Looking for Beta Reader
Posted by:mypenmyjihad.
Time:3:16 pm.

1.  I used to be bitterfic on live journal, currently mypenmyjihad
2. Fandom- Assorted.  Currently writing stories in Descendants 2, Looper, Inception fandoms.
3. Rating of the story-  R, NC-17)
4. Spoilers/Time Line — Depends on the story.  
5. Pairing - I write a variety of pairings, m/m, m/f, f/f and threesomes.  
6. Beta Type — Primarily looking for a Grammar Beta.  
7. Harshness- Looking for someone to edit grammar, not content.

I've been out of fandom for several years but recently found myself writing again.  I'd like to find a person to edit my stories for grammar.  I work in a variety of fandoms, many obscure and the stories I write tend to be very dark and sexual, lots of rape and angst.  Hoping there's someone out there not opposed to reading and editing material of this kind.  

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Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Subject:Beta needed for a Orville fanfiction (Ed/Alara)
Posted by:lt_sp.
Time:6:26 pm.

Penname: openthisjarofpicklesforme
Fandom: Orville, the
Rating: (of the story as a whole) NC-17
Pairing: Ed Mercer/Alara Kitan
Spoilers: None beyond the general basis of the show
Beta Type: The general spelling, punctuation & grammar, obviously, and general storyline continuity.

Basic Plot: When the Orville's initial First Contact meeting with a new culture goes awry, Alara is kidnapped by the natives as recompense. Ed will do anything to get her back, even abide by the planet's male-dominant ancient laws.

Kink/Triggers/Tags, etc.: BDSM, patriarchy, sexism (in the minds of OC aliens,) dubcon (but not really.)

Other: I need a beta who will stick with me for the entire length of the story as it is a work in a progress. Also, people should know that I'm a slow writer.

Contact: Comment here, if interested.

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Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Subject:Beta needed for a NCIS: New Orleans fic
Posted by:honor_reid.
Time:10:40 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
1. Pen Name: Honor_Reid (fall_into_your_sunlight on AOS)
2. Fandom: NCIS: New Orleans
3. Rating of the story: PG
4. Spoilers/Time Line: After season 3
5. Pairing: Loretta Wade x Dwayne Pride
6. Beta Type: Mostly grammer although this is the first time writing in this fandom and pairing so any help on that front would be great also.  It is a one-shot that is mostly just fluff.  Around 2,400 words
7. Harshness: I am open to criticism as long as it is constructive.

Thank you!
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Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Subject:In desperate need of a beta
Posted by:noiproksa.
Time:3:45 pm.
Pen Name: noiproksa
Fandom: Arrested Development
Rating of the story: PG (?)
Spoilers/Time Line: Post season 4 (but you don't need to be familiar with it)
Pairing: Gob/Tony
Beta Type: any help would be very much appreciated
Harshness: I have no opinion on this matter.

It's 2,000 words. I would be really happy if someone could help me out because the fandom is so small that it's very hard to find a beta.
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Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Posted by:slythindormal.
Time:8:53 pm.
Pen Name: Slythindormal
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating of the story: M
Spoilers/Time Line:Post-war
Pairing: Harry /?/?
Beta Type: Tenses, vocab and flow.
Harshness: I am open to criticism as long as its constructive.

Its 9,080 words. It's for a fest and due Aug 15th so i'm desperate!
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Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Posted by:velocitym1.
Time:5:29 pm.
Pen Name: Litra
Fandom: Flash
Rating of the story: Teen
Spoilers/Time Line:It's a case fic so I'm keeping the timeline vague. I do mention the end of Legends season one but only briefly.
Pairing: Barry / Len
Beta Type: Mostly spelling and grammar, but I'm open to more if you see a glairing plot hole.
Harshness: I am open to criticism as long as its constructive.

It's for the remix chalenge, so I need to have it posted before the 20th of August.
This is kind of a fairy-tale AU, and kind of a case fic. There's a spell that's making people play out fairy tales all over Central. Len gets caught in the three billy goats story, then gets pulled in to help fix it by Flash. Len gets caught in Little Mermaid. Lisa is Rumplestiltskin and so on. Eventually they beat the bad guys and save the day.
Rating is for cannon typical violence.
I have a strong outline given that it's a remix story. I've written most of the first two chapters. The story looks like it will be about 7000-8000 words. 10,000 max
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Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Subject:a song of ice and fire beta needed
Posted by:littledove21.
Time:1:31 am.
1. littledove21
2. a song of ice and fire, game of thrones
3. PG-13
4. set after a dance with dragons, tv canon up to season 5
5. Aegon VI/Sansa Stark
6. SPaG, flow, characterisation
7. I like my beta to be honest but not brutal.
Notes: Although I have written Aegon I haven't actually read that far into the books yet so canon may lean more towards the tv show, but not after season 5 as Sansa doesn't marry Ramsay.
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Monday, July 10th, 2017

Subject:Trans woman's opinion wanted/needed
Posted by:momotastic.
Time:7:41 pm.
I'm looking specifically for a trans woman's opinion on a (crack) piece I'm writing.

Pen Name momotastic
Fandom Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating of the story G
Spoilers/Time Line Uh, mostly works for all the canons, I guess?
Pairing Implied pre RoyEd
Beta Type This fic has a theme (it's a crossover, or maybe more a fusion) which has the potential to be transphobic, specifically for trans women, which is why I would like to have a trans woman read it over and tell me what she thinks. You don't even need to know FMA to read this over.
Harshness Be as honest as you need to be. I'm asking because I want to make sure I make this as inoffensive as I can. I think I've done okay, but since I'm cis, I can't be the judge of that.
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Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Subject:Beta needed for a fic in the The Librarians fandom
Posted by:honor_reid.
Time:11:43 am.
Pen Name: honor_reid
Fandom: The Librarians
Rating of the story: PG
Spoilers/Time Line: Set post season three but could really go anywhere in canon.
Pairing: No pairing but the focus is on Ezekiel and Jenkins
Beta Type: I mostly need a beta for grammar and any glaring discrepancies that present themselves in the story. I don't believe familiarity with the show is strictly necessary. 
Harshness: I am open to criticism as long as its constructive.

This is for the librarian ship-a-thon that is happening on tumblr.  Ezekiel & Jenkins week is July 15-21 so I would need it before then.  The story is a one shot around 1500 words.
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Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Subject:Small comment fic pieces (different fandoms)
Posted by:dunderklumpen.
Time:10:59 am.
Pen Name: dunderklumpen
Teen Wolf, The Flash, iZombie, Harry Potter
Rating: Everything is G right now. But could go up in the future.
Spoilers/Time Line: All of them up to date to the current seasons although for most of them it's not neccessary to know.
Pairing: Derek/Allison, Stiles/Derek, Cahrlie/Neville, Liv
Beta Type: I need mostly help with SPaG and phrasing.
So there are wo comment fic fests going on. They look like tons of fun and although I've a bit of writer's block right now I think I can manage a couple of short pieces. I've written 4 by now, all of them around 200 words. They are short and sweet and hopefully won't be too much work but because I'm no native speaker I would feel better if someone could take a quick look before I post them. There's nothing worse than a short text riddled with mistakes.
I plan to write a bit more for both fests. So if a potential beta would be up to look over some more short comment fics (probably about 5-10) that would be great. Although right now I need help with the 4 short comment ficlets I already have.
Harshness: I don't mind a harsh beta if it's constructive criticism.
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Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Subject:Beta Reader needed: The Flash Destiny of the Souls
Posted by:sandrasfisher.
Time:6:09 pm.
Pen Name: sandrasfisher
Fandom: The Flash
Rating: Explicit
Spoilers/Time Line: Second to last episode of DC Legends of Tomorrow, Ronnie doesn't die, Eddie isn't dead either
Pairing: Barry Allen/Leonard Snart/Original Female Character(s), Barry Allen/Leonard Snart, Leonard/Original Female character(s), Barry Allen/Original Female Character(s), Cisco Ramon/Lisa Snart, Iris West/ Eddie Thawne
Word count: 10,000+
Beta Type: Spelling and Grammar, characterization, tell me if there are plot holes, let me know if something doesn't work.
Harshness: If it's constructive it can be as harsh as you want.
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