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beta_search's Journal

Beta Readers
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All Members , Moderated
Beta_Search is a community for all LJ users to search for beta readers (editors) to look over their fan fiction for them. Feel free to post essays about writing (fandom-specific or general), beta reading tips, introduction posts, and requests for beta reading.

When you request a beta read, please always include the following things in the post:

1. Pen Name
2. Fandom (show/book/etc. the story is based in)
3. Rating of the story (G, PG, Pg-13, R, NC-17)
4. Spoilers/Time Line (For example: when is the story set in the show? Are there any spoilers for future episodes or recent ones?)
5. Pairing (If there is one)
6. Beta Type (Ex: Content Beta, Grammar Beta, etc. This is basically where you tell the community what you want the beta reader to do with this story)
7. Harshness (Some people are sensitive, some people are not. Clearly state whether you are open for people who might not be very gentle with your writer heart, but get the job done -- or need someone who couches they're edits softly.)

How do I become a beta reader?

Simple. Offer your services to someone you think you might be able to help. No need to ask the moderator or anyone else, just reply to the request entry by that member.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for the quality of the beta readers here, though we like to think they'll only offer services they can provide. Anyone can become a beta reader, as said above.